Investment Portfolio


Asimilar Group plc:

AAAC holds warrants, options and shares in Asimilar Group plc (‘Asimilar’), an AIM-quoted technology-focused investing company whose investing policy is to invest in businesses which have the potential to deliver significant returns. It focuses on opportunities in the Big Data, Machine Learning, Telematics and Internet of Things sectors.

Asimilar in turn holds a prized stake in Sentiance, a global leader in contextual artificial intelligence (AI), enabling data-powered, personalised user experiences supported by intelligent recommendations. Sentiance data science turns sensor and online activity data into actionable behavioural insights and real-time context.

Sentiance licenses its technology to clients across a range of industries and application areas (see market). Technology is licensed either on a recurring MAU (Monthly Active User) revenue model, with data processing run and hosted by Sentiance (SaaS licence), or licensed on a monthly or quarterly recurring basis for a set volume of users, with data processing run and hosted by the client (Technology licence).

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Myanmar Allure Group Co., Ltd., (‘MAG’)

AAAC has a legacy 7% shareholding in MAG, which operates a resort complex out of Myanmar. AAAC continues to actively seek a realisation of its investment in MAG.

Investment Policy

AAAC holds a stake in Asimilar Plc and will pro-actively seek opportunities to invest in technology, software and AI relevant for the world of tomorrow resulting ultimately in a distinct portfolio of genuine future market leaders.

The Investment Policy was approved by shareholders at the Company’s Extraordinary General Meeting on 10 October 2019, and is set out in full here.